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Our collection of single, unblended, therapeutic grade essential oils.
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Blue Gum Eucalyptus, Wild - 5 ml

Blue Gum Eucalyptus, Wild
Eucalyptus globulus

Blue Gum Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree native to Australia. The essential oil is steam-distilled from the leaves. Similar in both function and aroma to the essential oil of the Narrow-leaf Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata). We generally prefer the Eucalyptus radiata for respiratory use and those seeking the benefits of ‘Eucalyptus’ essential oil. Eucalyptus globulus is particularly well-suited for massage.

Here is a link to a study exploring the effectiveness of E. globulus in treating various throat infections. The study identified cineole as being the principally active pharmacological component.

Eucalyptus may be utilized as an insect repellent and insecticide.

Method of Preparation: Steam distilled
Country of Origin: Australia
100% Pure Essential Oil

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Sweet Orange, Organic - 5 ml

Sweet Orange, Organic
Citrus sinensis

The orange is a hybrid citrus fruit, combining the mandarin and the pomelo. It is the most widely cultivated citrus fruit in the world, and has been discovered in historical records dating back to 2500 B.C. in China. This therapeutic essential oil is prepared from the pressed peel of organic citrus fruits.

Essential oil of orange is composed mostly (over 90%) of the terpene d-limonene. This aromatic compound has many uses, including insecticides and cleaning solvents.

Country of Origin: USA
Method of Preparation: Pressed
100% Pure Essential Oil

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wild pure basil essential oil Basil, Wild - 5 ml

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oil of wild basil.

Our Price: $4.99
organic pure lemon essential oil pressed peel Lemon, Organic - 5 ml

Pure, organic essential oil of lemon, 5 ml size.

Our Price: $6.84
Lavender, Natural 40/42 - 5 ml

Lavender, Natural 40/42 Lavandula vera

Lavender essential oil contains over 100 aromatic compounds found in varying quantities. The most prevalent of these are linalool and linalyl acetate. The Lavender 40/42 is tested to contain a minimum quantity of these two compounds.

In addition to its pleasing, fresh floral aroma, the essential oil of lavender has been shown to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender is often considered a ‘go-to’ when one is uncertain of an essential oil to use for a problem.

Country of Origin: France
Method of Preparation: Steam distilled

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Therapeutic grade pure holy basil essential oil Holy Basil, Wild - 5 ml

Pure essential oil of holy basil.

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wild artemesia annua essential oil Artemesia, Wild - 5 ml

Pure, therapeutic grade Artemesia Annua Essential Oil.

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Oregano, Wild - 5 ml

Oreganum vulgare L. Hirtum

Verified to contain 82% carvacrol

Oregano is a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean. Widely used in cooking for its pungent, spicy aroma. Greek chefs will often keep a bundle of dry oregano hanging in the kitchen to garnish and season their dishes. The aromatic compounds of oregano include carvacrol, thymol, limonene, pinene, ocimene, and caryophyllene. Of these, carvacrol and thymol are the most prevalent. A number of scientific studies have been conducted on these compounds, showing them to have antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiviral properties. Oregano is a ‘hot’ oil, so as with all essential oils, it should be properly diluted and used cautiously.

Scientific study exploring the anti-bacterial properties of Oregano:


Origanum vulgare L. hirtum
Country of Origin: Turkey
Method of Preparation: Steam distilled
100% Pure Essential Oil

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Bulgarian Lavender, Organic - 5 ml

Bulgarian Lavender, Organic
Lavendula angustifolia

High-altitude, organically grown lavender from Bulgaria, also known as Narrow-leaf Lavender.

Bulgarian herbs are very highly regarded in the aromatherapy community. This potent lavender oil is an incredible ally in any essential oil kit. The qualities of all lavender plants are similar, with subtle variations in potency and function due to the terroir and altitude of the plants. The Bulgarian lavender is particularly known for its clean, sweet aroma and medicinal function. Lavender contains over 100 aromatic compounds, and they will also vary widely depending on the cultivar, terroir and altitude.

Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Method of Preparation: Steam distilled
100% Pure Essential Oil

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Frankincense, Wild - 5 ml

Highly medicinal and prized for its sweet, balsamic aroma since ancient times.  Frankincense will yield profound benefit in any essential oil kit.

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pure organic essential oil of bergamot italy Bergamot, Organic - 5 ml

Pure, organic essential oil of Bergamot from Italy.

Our Price: $19.93