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Deoderant Alternatives

Deodorant Alternatives  By Carly Turner Have you ever tried natural treatments for your armpit odors? Sometimes it takes time for your body to adjust. Many have found that they prefer natural methods after a month or two of staying away from the ‘Mitchum’, ‘Axe’, and otherwise. There are many different essential oils that one can benefit [...]

Deoderant Alternatives2019-08-10T11:56:51-07:00

Indigo Mountain’s New Website

As many of you know, we've run into some snags with our website and ecommerce.  Last year our wonderful website was up and running and was "accidentally" deleted by our host..  ?  Left us wondering.  At any rate all 10 years of work and blogging was gone over night.  There are many ways to look [...]

Indigo Mountain’s New Website2019-06-26T19:28:49-07:00