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ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement addresses cellular breakdown, starting at the genetic level. This supplement is created using a groundbreaking, patented process that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules and has been scientifically tested and shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways. ASEA is a major health breakthrough.

ASEA has an ongoing commitment to prove product safety and efficacy, certify products where possible, and further the research that proves the potential and benefits of redox signaling supplementation.


ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement contains active redox molecules—cellular messengers that affect gene expression in a positive way.  ASEA REDOX users enjoy cell signaling benefits, which translate to health at its most foundational level.

  • Protect Cells

  • Rejuvenate Cells

  • Keep Cells Functioning at Optimal Levels

  • Foundational Level Health

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“All illness is expressed in one of two ways: a predominance of oxidative stress-related symptoms and signs (similar to rusting, but in a biological sense), or a predominance of inflammatory (reactive) signs and symptoms. Health can be achieved by addressing imbalances in these areas and then moving the REDOX needle back to the balance point.

On which side of the scale do you find yourself?”

Robertson D. Ward, M.D. FAAFP

“This redox signaling technology will change health care as we currently know it.”

Dr. Darren Weissman, D.C., The LifeLine Center
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Dr Gary Samuelson PhD. Explains Redox Signaling Molecules & Technology

The ASEA Scientific Council provides strategic and direction four our research and scientific programs. It plays a vital role in guiding and priorizing ASEA’s global research investment. Comprised of leaders in redox science, nutrition, and skin cares, they are advocates whose significant contributions advance the mission of ASEA’s science-based products.  Check out the amazing team on the Science Council.

ASEA Members of the Medical Professionals Board provide advice, guidance and their professional voice to our company and aid in our understanding of furthering the mission of ASEA based on their medical background and experience. Board members provide ongoing cutting-edge counsel to update and enhance the effectiveness of ASEA wellness products.  My friend Dr. Darren Weissman, D.C. and developer of The LifeLine Technique® is on this board.  Check out the Medical Professionals Board. 

The ASEA Redox Breakthrough


ASEA partnered with Taueret Laboratories, a leading genetic research laboratory, to conduct an eight-week study showing the effects of ASEA REDOX on the activation of human genes. Results of the study showed a 20 – 31% difference in gene expression abundance in five genes. The genes activated in this study are known as pathway signaling genes, meaning they have the potential to influence many biological responses. These genes are key in the health of the individual and play a vital role in five human health areas as well as dozens of pathways.  Click here to GET your Gene Study Summary


Third-party scientists tested to determine if exposure to ASEA REDOX increased production of antioxidants such as glutathione peroxidase. The test indicated that
exposure to ASEA REDOX did cause a marked increase in antioxidants without invoking an inflammatory response.


ASEA commissioned David C. Nieman, DrPH, of Appalachian State University, to conduct a study of the effects of ASEA REDOX on oxidative stress in the body. The results showed significant reduction of oxidative stress.  They also experienced a lowering of the oxidized form of LDL cholesterol. These findings suggest that ASEA REDOX may help reduce oxidative stress and support cardiovascular health.

ASEA Via Products

Long-term health depends on proper nutrition. But even the most deliberate food choices may not give you the nutrients you need to stay healthy.  Each product in the ASEA VIA line contains a unique and proprietary complex of nutrients specially formulated to maximize your nutritional benefits.  OPTIMIZED NUTRITION

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