A BALANCED and CUSTOM Approach to a HEALTHY Lifestyle

Everyone is unique and is on their own journey.  There just isn’t a one size fits all program of wellness for everyone.  Using ZYTO’s Elite biocommunication scan and Kally’s background in Naturopathy, YOU can make better decisions with individualized data and custom therapies like The LifeLine Technique – no 2 sessions are ever the same.  We understand families and busy lifestyles and we do our best to help you incorporate healthy options into your life.

Kally has been working with clients for over 18 years.   In 2010 we opened Indigo Mountain in Safford, AZ to expand our services and options.  You can read more about our journey by clicking above on ‘Our Story’.  The world of natural health has grown over the years and can be confusing with so much information out there.  We teach your how to use health and wellness information to support you and your families.  Everything we recommend we would or do take ourselves.   We do the research and help you get only what you need and avoid the pushy sales gimmicks.  People have come to rely on Kally’s expertise and simple approach to wellness.  Many appreciate her non-nonsense attitude.  If what you need most is more water – she’ll tell you that and help you find ways to get more water that work with you.  She will never sell you something if you don’t need it.  You wont find fads around here either.  We take our time and research trends and new products and service.  Be sure to check out comments from our customers and clients.

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“Kally is very intelligent, knowledgeable and sensitive.  She has performed several LifeLine sessions with me which have been very helpful.  She also Has a great deal of knowledge about Supplements.  She knows that if we give the body what it needs, it will heal Itself and has many tools to apply toward this goal.  She is a very effective Practitioner.”

Nancy Lawhead, TN

“I have had several Lifeline sessions from Kally, and I have benefited from every single one of them.  Some changes have been drastic, others subtle, but as I look back on myself over the years, I become more aware of how far I have come.  I have been able to change things about myself that I had long ago accepted as unconquerable…in other words, “This is just who I am and I can’t change it.”  My Lifeline sessions have enabled me to make the changes that I never thought I had to power to tackle.  Suddenly, it isn’t as difficult for me to think before I act.  I feel more at ease when things are out of my control or aren’t going as planned.  I can feel the gamut of emotion that I have always desired but could never unleash in the past.  What was so hard before is now easy.  I don’t “react” at everything anymore.  Rather, I think and THEN act.  And I am able to find joy, appreciation, and respect for the beautiful things and the wonderful people in this world.  Rather than resenting people who have more than I do or who don’t agree with me, I can be proud of others’ accomplishments (because I am happy with who I am and what I can be) and I can genuinely respect others’ choices and their opinions without taking things so personally.

Sometimes when life starts feeling out-of-control and I am not handling things as well as I would like, I give Kally a call.  Her Lifeline always puts the balance back in my life that was lacking, and with each session I can see a general improvement in myself as a whole.  I think that no matter who you are or what you are struggling with, Lifeline can help you.  It is affordable (of all the things I have tried, it has been the MOST helpful and the LEAST expensive).  It is effective.  It can change your life.“

Jennifer Stirling, AZ, Your Content Goes Here

“Kally is very caring, kind and compassionate practitioner.  She did a number of LIfeline sessions for me, and during this time I noticed significant improvements in my digestion: I was able to eat a wider variety of foods that I was not able to eat before for nearly two years before. Also may pains decreased – first they dropped away during the day and I stopped my daytime digestive medication, then the level of pain gradually reduced at night too – the pain became only discomfort, and I needed less pills at night as well or sometimes no pills at night at all. My sore knees have also been gradually getting better, and the level of my fungal infection has decreased considerably. I am really grateful to Kally. She is a wonderful loving and experienced practitioner of Lifeline Technique.”  (Our sessions were done over Skype)

Maria Goodier, New Zealand, Your Content Goes Here

“Kally has been a big part of my life since my birth. As a child, my mom used many of the products and techniques recommended by Kally, to treat our family’s various needs. We used and still use her amazing Essential Oils.  She was able to get rid of my milk allergies, correct my polarity and help heal various injuries. We’ve also used reflexology and affirmations, and especially “The Script”. She was also able to reverse my sister and me from being allergic to each other. The LifeLine Technique is another amazing way she can help you to become the best you can be, and really figure out where our problems stem from. Kally has so much to offer, and truly loves what she does. She has a very broad knowledge about health and healing, from the inside out.   She introduced me to ASEA which has helped my daughter so much with her genetic condition.  She is someone I can turn to for sound advice.”

Mary from Colorado, Your Content Goes Here
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