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Our Services and Spa

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Our comprehensive range of services and spa treatments are designed to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  Kally offers personalized consultations and leading edge wellness therapies to meet your unique needs.

My family has seen so much improvement through all of our consultations with Kally.  Lifestyle change AND Kally’s recommendations have helped to transform our family.  I feel brand new when I come in and do a LifeLine and/or an EVOX session.  My family recently went camping and we all had a great time.  Not unusual?  It is for my family.  There was always someone cranky and feeling bad before!

A.D. from Arizona

Kally is a very caring, kind and compassionate practitioner.  She did a number of LifeLine sessions for me and during this time I noticed significant improvements in my digestion: I was able to eat a wider variety of foods that I was not able to eat before for nearly two years. Also many pains decreased – first they dropped away during the day and I stopped my daytime digestive medication, then the level of pain gradually reduced at night too – the pain became only discomfort, and I needed less pills at night as well or sometimes no pills at night at all.  My sore knees have also been gradually getting better, and the level of my fungal infection has decreased considerably. I am really grateful to Kally.  She is a wonderful loving and experienced practitioner of the LifeLine Technique.

M.G. -from New Zealand

I have known Kally for a long time.  Her skills and compassion are exactly what I needed.  She helped me understand my key motivation and communications skills with her coaching of the Color Code and that helped me in my job and home life.  Additionally with ZYTO Biocommunications scans I was able to target exactly what my body was compatible with and my energy increased.  I have used all her services and techniques including the LifeLine and EVOX; she customizes each session as I need to support me.   I also love the products she carries, esspecially her essential oils.  I have seen her in person and remotely on the phone.  I highly recommend her.

K. C. -from Tennessee

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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