As many of you know, we’ve run into some snags with our website and ecommerce.  Last year our wonderful website was up and running and was “accidentally” deleted by our host..  ?  Left us wondering.  At any rate all 10 years of work and blogging was gone over night.  There are many ways to look at that and deal with the situation.  First – after the initial sting, we decided it was a blessing in disguise – a gift in strange wrapping paper.  Our website is getting a whole clean make over.  Second – I was meticulous about saving all the content I had put on the website in word documents.  So it just needs to be updated.  Third – Since initially launching our website in 2010 there has been so many new advancements and improvements and we are loving them.  Before we had a blog site for information on wellness topics AND  separate ecommerce which was always buggy.  NOW they will be together in one beautiful site and work together.  

Over the last 2 years we’ve had lots of issues with ecommerce and selling online.  But we’ve found the solutions ourselves.  Sadly when we tried hiring outside sources – they took a long time and promised lots of tools and in end – all we did was pay them and not have a working site.  Last week was no exception as we were getting ready to live again, and it wouldn’t work.  

We are now back to WordPress – which is a great platform BTW and doing the work ourselves with some great assistance from others doing the same thing.  

We thank you for your patience and calling us to ship your products.  We will be up and open very soon.  Stay posted.


Kally and Mark

Indigo Mountain