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Holiday Stress Tips

Holiday Stress Tips by KALLY on DECEMBER 22, 2015 Stress Reducing and Organizing Tips for the Holiday Season Do you find yourself not looking forward to some holidays?  Do you wish you had more time?  Do the holidays overwhelm you?  We have tips to help you get more organize, reduce your stress, and connect to a more joyous [...]

Holiday Stress Tips2020-04-02T15:56:35-07:00

Enjoy the New Year, Simplify and Be Joy

Enjoy the New Year, Simplify and Be Joy by KALLY on JANUARY 7, 2016 A new year rolled in.  Does it seem like 2015 even happened?  If not, why not?  Are you in such a rush that you don’t take time to smell the roses and enjoy the moments a long the way?  This is not an article [...]

Enjoy the New Year, Simplify and Be Joy2019-08-10T12:24:56-07:00

Mullein for Respiratory Complaints and Much More

Mullein for Respiratory Complaints and Much More MulleinHave you had that nasty cough and sore throat that hangs on and on? You might try some MULLEIN,  an herb that actually grows naturally in my local area of Southeast Arizona on Mt. Graham. Mullein is an herb that has been used for hundreds of years and the whole plant [...]

Mullein for Respiratory Complaints and Much More2019-08-10T12:26:44-07:00

Delicious and Healthier Carrot Cake, Gluten Free This gluten free carrot cake is moist and so good you wont even know it is missing flour or half the sugar.  If you really want to use flour, I'll give you the conversion for that.  I was super excited at how well this turned out.  There are [...]



Spring Here in Arizona we are enjoying excellent weather.  Spring here lasts a little longer than many other areas we have lived.  Of course we are in a small town in rural Arizona and not Phoenix which has already seen some high temperatures.  You might notice that you are starting to get more energy.  Get [...]


Chocolate Zucchini Cake With Natural Yeast

Chocolate Zucchini Cake With Natural Yeast Who doesn't love chocolate cake?  Well my gut doesn't love regular wheat.  But in moderation I can have natural yeast.  And for my birthday and chocolate cake made from natural yeast fits the bill. Chocolate Zucchini Fermented Cake This amazing chocolate cake took a healthier twist by fermenting the [...]

Chocolate Zucchini Cake With Natural Yeast2019-08-10T12:28:44-07:00

Strawberry Sherbet, hCG Friendly

Strawberry Sherbet, hCG Friendly Here is a great recipe for hCG, hCG maintenance or anyone looking for a cool refreshing snack.  Enjoy!  Just in case you thought you couldn't enjoy "ice cream" on hCG. One of the keys to successfully doing hCG and staying on the program is not feeling cheated. I've been helping people [...]

Strawberry Sherbet, hCG Friendly2019-08-10T12:29:42-07:00

Shrimp and Tomato Scampi, hCG Friendly

Shrimp and Tomato Scampi, hCG Friendly I love garlic and shrimp! This is a delicious combination. Recipe below is for hCG. But this can be easily adjusted for maintenance or a regular meal. Serves: 1 Ingredients 3.5 oz Shrimp de-veined and shelled 8 oz tomato or the exact weight you need garlic powder to taste garlic salt to tast 2 tsp lemon juice more [...]

Shrimp and Tomato Scampi, hCG Friendly2019-08-10T12:30:55-07:00

Spice Traders Essential Oil

Oh, the holidays- the cool air, the fresh weather, the warm scents. It invites cheer and giving, sharing and receiving, and sometimes... of the bacterial variety. The oil blend Spice Traders has been historically known to help keep away cold and sickness, and can help this holiday season to keep away the gloom! What is [...]

Spice Traders Essential Oil2019-08-10T12:31:51-07:00

Heat and Sun Relief

Heat and Sun Relief  by Carly Turner The summer heat is hot. Remember to drink quite a bit of filtered water and to stay out of the direct sun. If water alone doesn’t seem to be cooling you off then you can make your own spray to spray on your face and skin. Oils Great [...]

Heat and Sun Relief2019-08-10T11:57:45-07:00