Here in Arizona we are enjoying excellent weather.  Spring here lasts a little longer than many other areas we have lived.  Of course we are in a small town in rural Arizona and not Phoenix which has already seen some high temperatures.  You might notice that you are starting to get more energy.  Get outside and enjoy the world waking up.  Do some gardening, plant some flowers.  Walk barefoot for some earthing therapy.  Spring is a time of renewal and creativity.  Check out this excellent article on Chinese medicine and Spring.  Perhaps you are in the mood for spring cleaning, take advantage of your new motivation and let go of things cluttering your life.  Spring is also a good time for an internal cleansing which can often increase your energy.   Easter is on its way and for many there will be eggs to decorate, we carry dyes that are all natural and no toxic dyes.  And there many ways to decorate eggs… Stay tuned for a blog post about my favorite way to dye eggs with onions.